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Leon 570 G

Leon is our base line 570 single burner model. It has a powder coated trolley, metal bottom shelf and durable wheels for easy movement. Fitted with a hinged lid and one touch ignition, 4 tool holder and thermometer. Uses the unique and patented funnel system.No flare ups or burnt food. Cooks your food by convection resulting in even heat distribution. Food cooked all the way through with little need to turn. Highly versatile system enabling you to barbecue, grill, roast,bake and steam. Perfect results every time! High quality means that these products are built to last. Minimal construction required. Backed up by UK parts and accessory service. Next business day delivery to the UK mainland, subject to availability. NOW ONLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK. Product details: Powder coated trolley. Hinged lid. Metal bottom shelf. One touch ignition. Includes thermometer, tool holder and gas hose. Available in 2 colours.

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